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Hatefulmurder is all about energy.

With ten years of experience and after extensive touring over South America over the last six years, Hatefulmurder releases their critically acclaimed latest album: Reborn

Reborn is Hatefulmurder's first independent full album, funded by fans themselves through a crowdfunding campaign. A cohesive, strong, striking album that marks another great moment in the band's career. Made with fans to fans.

After having Reborn tour interrupted in 2020 as everything in our lives, the band released 3 new official videos for Reborn: Reborn, Lost Days and Santificado Seja Meu Ódio.

Red Eyes Tour covered over 14,000 km by bus with more than 30 shows in Brazil. This turned out to be one of the most successful independent tours of Brazil’s metal history.

Back in the No Peace (Cogumelo Records) era, their first full length, Hatefulmurder conquered Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Chile with fury on stage and blood in the eyes, as they like to call.

On 2021 the band hit the 700k views milestone on Youtube.

From underground to big stages, from EPs to LPs, from independent to record labels, step by step Hatefulmurder builds its history. Be part of it!

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